Agility Training
Private Lessons
Group Classes
 Precision Chaos offers all levels of Agility training, taking students progressively from "Introduction to Agility" through "Competition" classes.  Classes are generally formatted into 4 to 6 week sessions which run throughout the year.
We keep a waiting list of "Intro to Agility" students and when the list fills notify prospective students of the start date for the new session.  For students who have had prior agility training we evaluate their placement in one of our existing classes.
We train for USDAA, NADAC, CPE, UKI and AKC
  Want to Know More?
  Want To Know More
 The best agility dogs are happy agility dogs who want to do agility!  Hence, as we have said, agility is the Ultimate Game to them and this is how we adapted our training techniques of play training using toys and treats for motivation and reward.
Our initial goal in training classes is to nurture enthusiasm in the dogs during training,  as this builds confidence in shy dogs and focus in busy, distracted dogs. At the same time classes are designed from the start to prepare our students for eventual competition should they wish to pursue trialing.
We take special care to lay a solid foundation of agility basics upon which we build the more difficult exercises.  Dogs are trained to maneuver equipment correctly with safety and accuracy. Students are trained to view agility from their dogs' perspective to better understand their responsibilities as handlers.  We stress the bonding with one's dog and the teamwork involved.
Walking the course
One can expect about a full years' training prior to being ready to debut in agility trials.  Once the dogs know the equipment the majority of training is actually training the human students the fine points of handling their dogs: the different handling techniques, the timing, the strategies involved to guide their dogs effectively and efficiently.
We also guide our students in deciding when they are ready to start a show career, and prepare them for their trialing experiences.
Pre-requisites for Agility training 
Agility is trained off leash, although dogs are kept leashed between their individual exercises.  Hence it is necessary for the dogs enrolled to have had some basic obedience training. They must be able to be under control and basically "heel" on leash, as well as sit and down with brief stays. They must also have a strong "come" off leash.  After all, one can not train a dog if it runs away!  We do not accept any aggressive dogs into our classes for safety of others.
If you are interested in Agility training, but feel your dog will not meet the above requirements, check our
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