General Training for Companion Dogs
Private or Group Classes
for Puppies and Adult Dogs
A happy working dog is a delight to watch and is a more reliable worker.
People who watch agility are always surprised at how much fun the dogs are having and impressed at how well trained they are.
Precision Chaos is excited to offer Obedience and Rally training for companion dogs using the same philosophy of motivation and play as in agility classes.
Focus in all classes is to develop the enthusiastic working attitude in both handler and dog.
Training is available as Private Lessons or Group Classes.
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  Tell me about RALLY CLASSES
    Puppy Classes
Puppy learning starts the day you bring "Puppy" home.  By postponing training one is inadvertently training bad habits and independence by virtue of default.  The basics of obedience as well as a reliable recall off leash can be achieved by the time the pup is about 6 months old!
The goal of Precision Chaos is to assist students in establishing a positive training platform for the puppies for all their future training.
Classes are designed to be undemanding and low stress while students spend quality time bonding with their puppies.  Puppies are discouraged from playing with each other in class;  class is owner/puppy play time.
Students are enlightened how to use play as the base for training and the use of treats and toys as training aides.  Classes address obtaining a puppy's focus, leash training, as well as fundamentals of basic obedience.
METHOD:   Specific behaviors (as "sit", "stay") are trained as games.  When combined with regular play (chasing a ball, tugging a toy) the behavior becomes a "rule" of a new, exciting game Puppy wants to play.
This sets a precedence of "training" being fun, so Puppy looks forward to his training sessions with his owner.
 Motivational Training Classes
Designed for the "past puppydom" age, the same methods are applied as in our Puppy Classes but with more complex training and exploration of motivation.
Precision Chaos specifically addresses the students' approach to training to assist them to become more effective trainers for their dogs:
  • being more aware of your dog
  • becoming a more interesting partner to your dog
  • being a more active participant in your dog's training
  • developing better communication skills with your dog
Students initially learn how to use "Incentives/Motivators" to obtain and keep the dog's focus so training is possible.  In addition to basic obedience, several useful behaviors are trained which are used for agility dogs.  Particular emphasis is given to reliable recalls.  
 Behaviors are combined with play for bonding and creating the responsive working relationship we all desire in our dog companions.
This class is excellent as a "pre-agility" training class!
Formal and Basic Obedience Classes
Formal and Basic Obedience classes are offered to prepare you for competition obedience or just
simply to have a well mannered and well behaved family companion. As always, positive reinforcement training techniques are used to motivate your dog to work with you happily. No prior training is needed to attend these classes, as you will learn t train your dog from the basic sit and down, to heeling on and off leash, recalling when called, and a rock solid stay. Whether you plan to compete or just want a better trained dog, this class will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Introduction thru Advanced Rally Classes

Introduction through competition classes are available. Rally-O is the perfect combination of agility and obedience in one dog sport! If you are interested in learning what this newest dog sport is all about, then these classes will introduce you and your dog to the basic heeling and maneuvering patterns found in Rally-O. Taught using positive reinforcement, you and your dog will have a blast learning the challenging Rally-O maneuvers. No prior obedience or agility training is needed, as introduction classes train you and your dog from scratch.