Special Services
 As well as offering year-round Training Classes,  several times a year Precision Chaos schedules special events.  Check our CALENDAR from time to time for updates or
e-mail us to be added to our mailing list.
We are also available to Clubs and Organizations for special
presentations of workshops or seminars.
Fun Runs            Agility fun matches!  A "trial" course is set up for handler and dog to run as preparation or practice for actual trialing.  We vary the venue to accommodate USDAA, NADAC, and AKC offering practice for even some of the overlooked "games" exclusive to a particular organization.  We encourage all participants to take the extra time to reinforce their training and reward their dogs while in the ring.  We focus on keeping the "fun" in our matches as well as sharing to newcomers what to expect at actual Trials and some of their responsibilities once there.
 Paws On WorkShops      Our workshops are for participation of handlers with their dogs. We vary our workshops throughout the year focusing on different "skills" such as Handling or  Gamblers as well as various levels of the skills, such as Pre-Novice through Competition.  Our newest forum, The GALA,  has been highly applauded and is designed to be as much fun as its name implies!
 Seminars          While the Workshops are designed for participants to work their dogs,  our Seminars are generally designed as an informative lecture,  not for participants to bring and work their dogs.   Our original,  "Introduction to Agility: a Teamwork of Man and Dog" was designed for people who have a passing idea of what Agility is and think it may be something they may want to try with their dog.  Possibly they have only seen it on tv but have little actual knowledge of what it entails.  We explain in depth what Agility is and isn't,  the contrasts with competition Obedience,  the training philosophy, etc.  Several demos with dogs illustrate training steps,  maneuvers dogs need to learn, body language and choreography as well as course "runs".
        The latest seminar in works is "Why Would My Dog Want To Do That?"  Not agility specific,  focus is on the alternative training concept we have described in Play Training (using motivators as incentives and rewards) and using correction only when necessary.  Designed to enlighten handlers how to become more effective,  fair trainers for their dogs and targets basic companionship training.
   Agility Equipment and Rentals Contact us for sales and rentals or visit the store page to see equipment for sale.  
   Information sessions for Clubs Contact us to set up a meeting where we will introduce your club members to running an agility trial or match.