Who We Are
"MICAH"                                   "MAX"                                    "LEASA" 
Leodens What In Blue Blazes                 Leoden's Maximum Velocity                      Myvale Primo A Blue Muse
3/ 9/95- 2/17/2007                                      2/21/99                                            2/5/90-11/23/03
RS-E,  JS-E,  GS-E
RS-E,  GS-E,  JS-E
* First West Coast CPE Ch.
*First Sheltie CPE Ch.
RS-E,  GS-E,  JS-E
dual CDs

Diamond P's Raging Cajun
Born 6/23/04
PJ1, PG1, PK1, PR1
CoeFen I M A BZ BZ B
Born 8/10/04
CL4-S, CL4-F, CL3-H, CL3-R
HSAs (with a HIT & RHIT)
"Let me be the person my dog thinks I am"
We feel who we are, as trainers, is best reflected by our
K9 partners above and our students
Jessica with Leasa,  Marna with Micah
 Marna and Jessica have been training agility students since 1996 as well as competing in Agility trials since about 1994 in USDAA, NADAC, AKC, CPE and ASCA.  Their dogs have qualified several years to attend the annual championship shows in the main agility organizations. At a recent trial their dogs,  Micah and Max were HIT and 2nd HIT of all jump heights. They are members of agility clubs and regularly update new handling techniques by attending seminars presented by top trainers and handlers from both the US and Europe.
Marna Obermiller
At 1998 ASSA Herding Trial
obtaining a "Pre-Trial" qualification
Marna "started" in dogs while in Jr. High School, showing her family's mixed-breed,  Felicity,  in Obedience.  After achieving a HIT perfect score of 200 points at an Obedience fun match the judge urged her parents to purchase a purebred dog for her to pursue Obedience trialing.  She was given a Sheltie puppy in 1967,  "Edie",  who became "Danlos Elfin Delite of Myvale CD, CDX". In the 3 years before Marna graduated from High School,  Edie's accomplishments for her owner included HITs,  High Score Jr. Handler,  a 199 1/2 score,  and being chosen as part of the team representing the Mt. Diablo DTC at an inner-club challenge match.
Marna went on to establish Myvale Kennels breeding and showing Shetland Sheepdogs in conformation until about 1990.  She has obtained titles on her Shelties in Obedience,  Conformation,  Agility,  and Herding.  When her daughter,  Jessica,  started training and showing in Agility and she saw how much fun the dogs and their people were having,   Marna developed what she always has referred to as "dog withdrawal symptoms" and went out and purchased "Micah"  (Leodens What In Blue Blazes) .
Micah was a most special dog, with the most wonderful outlook on life, and the deep rooted bond created between the two of them through agility training was indescribable. They were "buddies", and Marna learned as much from Micah as he did from her. Fast, quick, usually in "the blues" Micah was a thrill to run, and a challenge. Dear Micah crossed the bridge in 2007, leaving Marna devastated.
In 2004 due to Marna's concern of Micah's age, she broke down and brought home a new family member, a little Border Collie, the first "non-Sheltie" Marna has ever owned. Humorously registered as CoeFen I M A BZ BZ B, Wren is an absolute delight; sweet, biddable but serious in her work and liquid quick. Just when Wren was reaching her competitive peak in agility in 2008 ( 2 Qs short of her USDAA MAD title) a series of injuries pulled her out of competition. She has since sporadically been training in herding. Which, no surprise, she loves as much as agility!
Jessica Obermiller

 Winning 1st place at her first AKC Agility Trial

On the Start line of her Championship Run

Jessica was raised with the Myvale Shelties from birth, playing with puppies, feeding them, grooming them.  When Marna retired the kennel,  Jessica was given her very own puppy,  "Leasa" (Myvale Primo A Blue Muse)  along with the total responsibility of care and training of the puppy although Jessica was only 6 years old at the time!  She has always been a natural with dogs and has always amazed people with her "magic touch" with even the most unruly dogs!
When about 9 years old she took Leasa to two 6 week obedience training sessions. Jessica later achieved in only 8 days of Obedience trials dual CDs in AKC and ASCA,  along with several 1st placements,  a HIT,  2nd HIT  and High Score Jr. Handler!  Marna even talked her into taking Leasa to a couple of AHBA Herding tests where they achieved their HCT title.
However,  after discovering Agility it was evident this was THE venue for the Jessica/Leasa team and at 11 years old,  Jessica was out competing with adults and hauling home ribbons,  as many "Blues" as the other colors.  They qualified to attend the NADAC World Championship trial in 1996 and came home with 2 Sixth Place rosettes and 1 Seventh Place rosette...when only 13 years old!
After retiring Leasa at 10 years old, Jessica began competing hot and heavy with her next agility dog, Max (Leoden's Maximum Velocity), a sheltie, and received their NADAC Agility Trial Championship(NATCH) by the age of 2 years old. A year and a half later, with multiple High In Trials, Max was the first West Coast Dog and First Sheltie to receive a CPE Championship(CATCH). Max is now retired from agility due to a shoulder injury, just a few Double Q's shy of his AKC Agility Championship(MACH).
In 2004 Jessica decided to change breeds and started training her field bred Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy, Cajun, for Agility, Obedience and Hunt Tests. Cajun proved to be an amazingly fast and agile dog and acceled in agility. Jessica and Cajun compete in AKC, CPE, UKI and USDAA agility venues, as well as AKC Obedience, Rally-O and Hunt Tests. Although their trialing schedule is infrequent right now, watching them run agility is a thrill, and Cajun is known far and wide for breaking weave poles and dislodging tunnels when running.
Remy, a beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy, is the newest addition. Remy is Jessica's pick from the breeding of Cajun to Diamond P Madrone Sweettree in December 2010. Keep your eyes open for her debut in 2012, she is quite a spitfire!
Jessica is a pre-school teacher during the day, and lives in Lodi with her boyfriend, Steve where they share their life with their dogs and chickens.